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Restorative Justice

Human beings are more able to make lasting positive changes when they feel their voices have been heard in the decisions that affect them.  Restorative Practices are a set of intentional practices you can use to build positive communities where people feel their voices have been heard. Restorative Justice has grown out of these practices as a way to restore people to a group after a rule infraction has occurred. Wake the North Country seeks to spread the wisdom of this approach through all institutions including schools and prisons in our region. The punitive practices we now use are damaging and isolating and also ineffective. Restore ourselves to ourselves!


The International Institute of Restorative Practices does this work around the world. Jane Haugh can bring this approach to your community, your business, your school, or even your family. To talk more about using circles with families, students and institutions...


To learn more about the International Institute for Restorative Practices, visit their website: 

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